Flowhub Retail + HP ElitePOS
Learn more about how Flowhub Retail runs best on the HP ElitePOS.

Increase Compliance, Insights, and Revenue

From Grow to Retail, Flowhub's business management platform is easy-to-use, powerful, and purpose built for highly regulated cannabis businesses.
Sync your compliance data with state agencies. We are the metrc™ experts.

Easy to use, intuitive

We know retraining your staff can be a nightmare. That’s why we built our POS focused and extremely easy to use. Learn our system in a matter of minutes and get back to doing what you do best.

Live Data Stream

Like a push notification on your smartphone, our POS updates your browser instantly when data is changed. Always see live inventory and never oversell product or go into the negative again.

Unmatched Customer Service

We value customer service just as much as our incredible products. We also take feature suggestions very seriously. With input from our wonderful clientele, we’re able to constantly improve our solutions and progress the cannabis industry forward.

Smooth, fast, compliant transactions


We help cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, California, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, and Nevada stay compliant with state regulatory agencies and send reports automatically to the them via the metrc™ API. Flowhub is proud to be one of the original metrc™ approved vendors with years of compliance experience.

Seamless metrc™ API integration

Stop stressing about uploading sales data to metrc™. Using Flowhub’s metrc™ API, you can sync your data to metrc™ with the click of a button.

Inventory Distribution

Like a central distribution hub, Flowhub’s POS allows you to create a global catalog of products, suppliers, and strains so your data stays clean and standardized throughout all of your retail locations. Cleaner data = better business intelligence.

Discount Engine

Tired of your budtenders giving out discounts willy-nilly? Flowhub is proud to introduce our super-customizable Discount Engine. From automatic discount schedules that time out based on a predetermined date and time, to strain or product specific discounts, and percentage or dollars off – we give managers total control over discounts and specials.

Beautiful Reports

Our custom report generator is simple to use and lets you create a report of any data, in any order. You can also download pre-generated PDF reports to get quick info on daily sales breakdowns, revenue, etc.

Two sheets of paper showing beautifully simple Sales Overview and End-of-Day reports generated by Flowhub
Apple, Windows, Zebra, Star, Dymo and AND logos circling/connecting to the Flowhub logo

Works on all devices and with most hardware

Flowhub is cloud based and built on the latest web technologies for optimal performance. Flowhub Retail installs on Mac and PC and doesn’t require you to purchase hardware from us. We do offer hardware suggestions if you’re looking to setup a brand new store.

Star, Epson, Citizen, and most receipt printers are compatible. Zebra label printers, as well as A&D Legal-For-Trade Scales work with Flowhub’s Point-of-sale Retail platform. We recommend using any USB laser scanner for quickly scanning SKUs during checkout.

Just wanted to let you guys know that Flowhub rocked it on 420! No hiccups, no interruptions, stable as ever! Great job to you and your team!

Mike LeachCOO, Lightshade

Upon Nectar’s migration to Flowhub we have been able to enhance margins by 20% by understanding the granular details of pricing, discounting, and inventory management.

Devra KarlebachCOO, Nectar Holdings, Corp.

I just wanted to say thank you to the Flowhub support team. You guys rock. Every single time I have an issue you guys get to the bottom of it immediately. You constantly maintain a very high level of professionalism, this is very much appreciated.

I have worked with quite a few other POS systems and I feel Flowhub is the best. Not just because of the stellar programming, but, because of you guys. Thank you for your professionalism and ethics. Chris, Deian, and anyone else that gets things done. You guys are ROCKSTARS!

Rich ErskineAlberta Greenhouse, Oregon

Flowhub has been a much more efficient POS than [our former provider]. My budtenders love it and our drawers have been much more accurate than they've been in the past.

ColeTokin Tipi, Colorado

Josh Ginsberg, chief executive of Native Roots, an operator of marijuana retail outlets across Colorado, said he chose Flowhub’s system because of its utility in dealing with the state’s regulatory environment.

The New York TimesFebruary 2016
Dynamic Drawers

We’re not talking about a pair of snazzy undergarments. We’re talking about the best way to track your drawers to date. Assign multiple budtenders, see real-time daily revenue, and set-up cash drawers for Rec or Med sales, or both.

Flexible Room Setup

Make rooms “For Sale” or “Not for Sale” and force your budtenders to only sell certain inventory. With Flowhub, you can customize the room setup in your dispensary for better organization and control.

Granular Employee Permissions

Limit which features your employees can access using our granular employee permissions. Have a rogue employee handing out heavy discounts to their buddies? Lock them out of the system without deleting them entirely.

Smart Cart Limits

Don’t worry about a budtender selling more cannabis to a customer than they’re allowed to buy. Our software automatically knows how much you can buy and won’t let the transaction occur if you’re over your limit.

Built-in Loyalty, for free

Set custom point thresholds to incentivize your loyal followers to keep on spending. Easily redeem their points upon check-out with one click.

Gift Cards

What’s the best gift of all? The gift that keeps on giving, or rather, getting…you high! Let your customers spread the love by purchasing gift cards from your shop. Just add the gift card to their cart, scan the barcode, and assign a dollar amount. That’s it!

Compliance first

Stay compliant by scanning IDs when customers enter your retail or medical facility and check them into Flowhub’s POS seamlessly.


Introducing Check-in NUG

Scan an ID, verify age, and put customers into your queue from the palm of your hand. Welcome to the future of compliance.

Check in NUG (Queue icon)


Add patients directly to the queue from the NUG. Swipe left to see how long they’ve been patiently waiting.

Check-in NUG (Instant ID icon)

Instant ID Verification

Scan an ID to verify age and authenticity. Instantly see how much cannabis the customer can buy.

Check-in NUG (All-in-One icon)

No hardware headaches

You have too much on your plate to stress about hardware. The NUG is a complete unit provided by us. If you ever have issues give us a call and we’ll replace it immediately.

Check-in NUG (Med Check-in icon)

Seamless MED Check-in

Scan medical card and all other pertinent documents right from the Check-in NUG. Documents are stored in the cloud for easy accessibility.

Check-in NUG (POS Check-in Icon)

Powerful but Optional

Don’t need a Check-in NUG? No problem. You can check-in customers manually from the POS.

Wifi and Cellular Data

The NUG comes with cellular data service so if your WiFi ever goes down, you’re good to go. Turn the NUG into a WiFi hotspot and keep your lines moving.


Does your POS actually connect to metrc™ via an API?

It sure does. You’re able send your data to the state with a push of a button!

What if my internet goes down in my store?

We offer wireless LTE hotspots for the unfortunate reality of internet downtime. These hotspots are often times faster than your standard internet and will keep your lines moving.

What if I don't have time to learn new software?

At Flowhub, we’re focused on providing the easiest to use, most focused software possible. This means our POS is intuitive and learned extremely fast.  

I don’t have an iPhone or Scanner, can I still get a Check-in NUG?

Absolutely. The Check-in NUG is something we provide in full. No need to buy any hardware.

What is your contact info?

Our main email address is, hello@flowhub.co and you’re welcome to call us toll-free at (844) FLOWHUB or (844) 356-9482.

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