Let’s be blunt

The current software for managing your cannabis operations just doesn’t cut it. It’s frustrating to deal with and takes up way too much of your time. Coming from within the industry, we saw grow managers and cannabis dispensary business owners struggling with their technology and we knew there was a better way.

Pain-free compliance

Compliance shouldn’t be a nightmare. You shouldn’t have to lay awake at night wondering how you’re going to have enough documentation for the auditors. We make compliance a breeze by automating communication with state regulators and have forensic information available at your fingertips.

Fast, modern, reliable technology

We love leveraging modern and proven technologies to solve problems throughout the cannabis supply chain. Instead of trying to retrofit a piece of software for another industry, use something custom built and tailored for your workflows.

Unmatched customer service

We value customer service just as much as our incredible products. We also take feature suggestions very seriously. With input from our wonderful clientele, we’re able to constantly improve our solutions and progress the cannabis industry forward.

Why we care

Our CEO, Kyle Sherman, worked as a cannabis compliance officer and experienced the problems with cannabis business software first hand. Frustrated by the platform his vertically integrated supply chain was using, he searched for something better. When his search failed him, he became fueled by a passion to create a system that would accelerate workflows, increase accuracy, and simplify compliance — ultimately allowing legalization to expand nationally.

In early 2015 Kyle began to build a team who shared his passion for cannabis, technology, and problem solving and started lobbying for an open metrc™ API. Headquartered in Downtown Denver, we've positioned ourselves on the front lines alongside large scale growers and dispensary owners in order to design the best possible product for the industry. We don’t settle for good enough. Our all-star team has left nothing unconsidered.

Turn hours of work into a few painless minutes!