metrc™ integration

Do all your daily work with the NUG and Flowhub, then press one button to report everything to metrc™.

+ No more manual record keeping and double data entry
+ Stay confident, compliant, and reduce human error with ease
+ Time savings = money savings

Trimmer tracker

Get rid of the spreadsheets! Track your trimmers and see how efficiently they’re working.

+ See grams per hour, variance, and other important data points
+ Amazing for loss prevention
+ Hasta la Vista spreadsheets

Activity logs

Our activity logs allows for amazing backtracking, auditing, and clarity in your grow.

+ Best in class visibility into your operation
+ View all activity in one view for unmatched transparency
+ Backtrack and audit like a pro

Effortless onboarding

Just enter in your license and API key and sync from METRC. Get up and running in no time.

+ No data migration necessary
+ Nothing to download, just use Google Chrome
+ Sync plants, strains, room, and immature batches from METRC

Flowhub Grow in Action

Are you ready to become compliant and save money?