Speed-up your grow.

Flowhub is the cannabis seed-to-sale grow management
& compliance solution you've been waiting for.

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Put down the pen and paper

Colorado’s first sleek, intuitive grow management software built entirely for you.

Nip your inventory management problems in the bud

Use our mobile scanning device, called the NUG, to scan your plant tags and carry out daily operations within your grow. Use our web application to confidently oversee every plant and every move that was made using the NUG.

With these two applications, managing your cannabis cultivation has never been simpler.

Show me the goods

The Flowhub Web App

Brings you up like your favorite sativa and never lets you down.

Customer Service Emphasized

Don’t like waiting for months? Our Colorado based support team has your back. We’re available to meet you in person, or we’re just a phone call away.

Cloud Based

Is your head in the clouds? No problem, so is our app. Flowhub is cloud based and uses the same technology that powers sites such as Twitter and Netflix. Your data is safe with us.

Easy to use

We designed our software with you in mind. Don’t waste your time fumbling through videos and manuals. Flowhub is powerful, intuitive, and easy to learn.

Track your trimmers

Don’t waste time trying to track down lost product during the trim process. Track your trimmers by MED badge number effortlessly with our software and never guess again. With the power of Flowhub, you’ll know who needs more training, and who deserves a raise.

Multiple licenses, one view

Why waste time fumbling around from window to window trying to grab plant or room info? Flowhub allows you to view all of your plants under different licenses in one easy to navigate window. Instant search by tag number, strain, and even room.

Live activity log

We realize that short term memory is fleeting. We’ve included a live activity log so you don’t have to rely on short term memory to know what’s going on in your grow.

Whenever an employee uses the NUG, you will be notified in the activity log. You can backtrack, retrace your steps, and know exactly who, for example, moved a plant from room to room and when.


Go wireless.

Carrying a laptop or pen and paper around your grow is now a thing of the past. Use the NUG to scan plants and manage your entire inventory from the palm of your hand. Look at you go.


Introducing the NUG

Here at Flowhub, we know that being able to quickly scan your mass quantities of plant tags is crucial for efficiency and your sanity. That is why we created the NUG, your mobile scanning solution.


You have too much on your plate to stress about hardware. The NUG is an all-in-one device provided by us. If you ever have issues give us a call and we’ll replace it immediately.


Move plants from room to room in bulk. Simply scan and choose a room. Boom.


Scan and destroy in bulk. Just scan and select a reason. No more pen and paper.

Wifi and Cellular Data

The NUG comes with cellular data service so if your wifi ever goes down, you’re good to go. Magnetic or digital ballasts? No problem.


Need to quickly see plant info? Simply scan to see. Everything from strain to planting date is now in the palm of your hand.


Need to harvest a room with multiple licenses? No problem. Scan the tag, enter a wet weight, and let us do the work. Licenses are automatically sorted with Flowhub.


What if my internet goes down?

Not to worry, our NUGs use cellular data and wifi. We’ll never harsh your mellow. As long as you can make a call, you’re good to go. The NUG also doubles as a hotspot and are capable up running your registers without pause.

Will I be charged for training and support?

We’re not in the business of nickel and diming. We’re in the business of providing rock solid software and unbeatable service. There are no initial training fees and free phone support is available 7 days per week. Our product support team comes from within the industry, many were dispensary and compliance managers before joining Flowhub.

What if I don't have time to learn new software?

Using our software is natural and intuitive. This means the learning curve is almost non-existent.

I don’t have an iPhone or Scanner, can I still get a NUG?

You don’t need to provide your own phone. The NUG is an all-in-one unit provided by us. If it breaks, we replace it. We also provide each NUG with a data plan. Let your connectivity worries disappear.

Does Flowhub support multiple licenses?

Yes. Flowhub aggregates all of your plant and license data into one focused view. You can even harvest rooms with multiple licenses without sorting or separating. Flowhub Retail supports some of the largest retailers in the industry with multiple location management and more.

View by Flowhub

Know what’s going on in your grow, even if you’re 1000 miles away. From room details to strains, View is an iOS app that gives you quick glances into your grow. All of this value for the price of – free with your subscription.


Turn hours of work into a few painless minutes!